Sunday, April 03, 2011

It's in HIS hands !

Last night I went to bed around 12:30 and just seemed to toss and turn. I couldn't turn off my motor. Too many things going on in the world that I try to solve in my dreams and so maybe I didn't want to go there. Finally around 2:00 I took an Activan to relax me and it worked.
(Pictured on Left; Kid Sister Gigi, and little sister Cleo)
Around 8:00 AM I was woke by the phone ringing, it was my sister's youngest daughter Kim calling. She received a phone call around 2:00 AM from the Hospital, they had to intubate my sister and put her in an induced coma. She has been in the hospital since early last week with breathing problems. So now I am wondering if my sleeping problems were caused by vibes I was picking up from my sister, Cleo.

She has been up and down for the last several months. The last time I went through something like this was in 1998 when one of my closest friends was fighting a strep infection that had turned into sepsis. She lost her battle and I lost a wonderful friend. This has been a crappy week, and there are other things that haunt me right now.

Tomorrow I am having some minor eye surgery, but needless to say now a days nothing seems minor anymore . . . wish me luck and pray for my sister and her family

Her Caring Bridge update is here.


Riot Kitty said...

Sending you good thoughts and prayers...and her too.

Chris said...

Also sending prayers...for everything you have on your plate!!!