Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Mission accomplished !

Last night Rachel Maddow's reported that Bill Clinton was on his way to secure the release of the journalists being held in North Korea.
Some of the Clinton haters made comments that he should keep his nose out of it.
It turned out that Kim Jong Il requested Bill Clinton's visit.
A little while ago Breaking News said that Clinton was successful.
Now it is a waiting game to see if they allow them to fly back with him.
Ya got a love "The Silver Fox "


Riot Kitty said...

I was so happy about this, and so impressed with him.

Chris said...

I was just on M&H.....I said I just cried when the news came on......I love that Bill Clinton was the catalyst...he's done a lot for this country, and compared to the others in the GOP who couldn't keep their pants zipped, he's a saint!!! Thanks Bill!!!!!

D said...

I adore Bill Clinton!!! I bet you that had any Republican gone in after those women, they'd be in a cell next door. No one can deny that Mr. Clinton is a pretty damn good smooth talker.

Green tea said...

I have to give Kudo's to Obama, for putting aside his ego and allowing Bill Clinton to make this trip.

This was a team effort started by Al Gore.
What a different world this would if we had had President Al Gore.

Chris said...

Team effort.......what a concept!!! You're right though! Obama did give Korea what they needed to get this deal pushed through.....they wanted Bill, and recognition/respect....Bill pulled it off, so looks like we all won!! Think that would work here? Not so much.......

Michael Manning said...

Hi Green Tea! A late friend of mine was among 50 CEO's invited by President Clinton to The White House for dinner and I heard a lot about his observations. I don't care to discuss President Clinton's shortcomings. We all have them. He met with President Nixon, and Nixon said afterward that he never enjoyed himself so much as he did visiting President Clinton. Two imperfect men who found common ground. I love that! If I had a topic to pick to discuss with President Clinton, it would be his views of world leaders today. I admire any public servant who has a talent for negotiation, regardless of party affiliation. And President Clinton has that skill.