Saturday, August 01, 2009

Hubba Uodate

I went to the hospital around 9:30 we spent most of the day waiting for the Orthopedic doctor to show up and give us the results.
He was suppose to come first thing in the morning,instead he came late afternoon when he was through with is surgeries and he sauntered in.
The crappy part is, Bob was on fasting in case they had to do surgery.
Luckily it turned out to be unnecessary.
He has a couple slight cracks in his pelvis, the hip was OK.
They don't do much for it other then some therapy,kind of like a broken toe, so He will probably be at Hospital a couple more days depending on how well he does with the therapy.
Then he will need crutches for a while, which normally would slow him down, Ha!!
He will be off work the rest of the week for sure and then we will take it from there.
He is not a Happy Camper, since his birthday is on Wednesday and he had planned a Pizza party for all the guys at the shop..
Well guess what, they will still be there next week.

The worst thing the Doctor could possibly have said was "You can do anything with that leg, your recovery depends on how fast you can bear weight on that side."

He doesn't know this stubborn German very well!!

Thanks Fella.. !!!


Riot Kitty said...

Sending lots of get well wishes to him and patience to you ;)

Green tea said...

Thanks Kitty... :)

Chris said...

Ortho injuries are the worst...bones are very vascular and have lots of nerves...not fun! Hoping for a good recovery for him and sanity for you...oh, and as RK said....PATIENCE!!! Men are not good at being sick or hurt.....they never gave birth, so they have no clue!!!!

Michael said...

Sorry to hear about Bob and the missed pizza party. Hope he survives the hospital. I'm sure he is raring to go home.
See you cuz,
Mike S.

Misty said...

I'm sure he'll be impatient too! It's hard not doing what you're used to. My grandmother had broken an ankle and above her knee..six weeks later she gets the cast off and she "imagined" she'd be able to just get right up and walk away. :) took more time than that.. and she wasn't happy about that! I hope he can be patient and you can too! :) sending him get well wishes!

Green tea said...

Hey Mickey Mouse..He is the nurses pet.. :D
They love cute little old men that do what they are told.. :D

Patience is my middle name ladies :(