Saturday, August 01, 2009

Doctor Doctor

Yesterday while Hubba was doing yard work he tripped over the hose and fell backwards landing him on his hip.
He got up and continued to finish a few other things. I noticed him limping very badly
when he came in the house and he told me he fell, but he was fine, yey sure!
Mr. Sunshine never wants to admit that his body might have betrayed him.
My immediate thought was broken hip or pelvis, he is no spring chicken.
I called the Doctor and could not get him in to see her, they were booked solid.
They sent us to Urgent care, never again will I go that route, because after 2 hours there they sent us to the ER.
The X Ray they took showed nothing, but the fact that by then he could hardly bear any weight on his left leg she wanted him admitted to the Hospital for an MRI,
I guess X Rays miss 10% of all breaks.
If you have never been to an ER room it is an experience, after sitting in Urgent care from 4:00 to about 6:15, we headed to the Hospital to a sight that sent my stomach doing somersaults.
The waiting room was packed, and we were just 2 of the sardines sitting there.

It was about 9:00 when they finally took him to a room,and within the first 10 minutes said they were admitting him so they could do an MRI in the AM.
If there is a fracture he will have the surgery right away, if not a physical therapist will come in and appraise the situation.

I finally got to bed around midnight. I was able to fall asleep but that lasted till 4:30 and right now I am just passing time till I can go the the Hospital to find out what the verdict is.

We had visited with a young couple, a trucker and his wife, she had been having
sharp stabbing pain in her upper abdominal area so they had pulled off the road in a small town west of here and stopped at a Urgent Care they suspected gallstone or maybe an ulcer so in a few minutes time they sent them to North Memorial where we were.
It is one of the best trauma Hospitals in this area.
The trucker was carrying a load of cars out east and right now that load is sitting in a parking lot of a nearby shopping center.
She was hoping for an ulcer instead of a gallbladder problem.
She told me she had gone with her husband for the ride and never again will she be that dumb
A really cute young couple and I hope what ever they find, it is something they can treat and send them on their way.
So if you have a few extra minutes and you do pray, remember us, them, and all the people sitting in ER rooms everywhere.
Our health system sucks, the doctor at the Urgent care wasn't able to admit him to the Hospital he had to go through the paces at ER to be admitted.
Double the time Double the charges, something has to change.
Call your Senators and Congress and tell them to get to work and fix this mess they call health care.


Misty said...

Sending good thoughts and vibes that all will be ok with your hubby. Men are funny like that. Mine fell off his bike last month, was limping around and I had to force him to get checked to be safe. Silly men. And ER waiting is always horrific :(
update us on how things are going--

Chris said...

Sorry that you had to go through that...I hear ya! Have spent many hours waiting in an ER with a sick baby when my littlest grand daughter had asthma like symptoms from 7 mo to 2rys old....once we waited for 7-8 hours! This is a hospital that looks and costs like the Hilton!
Thanks for sharing the story though, as this is what helps people see the craziness of it all! It is truly a broken system, and some idiot said the other day that our system is just fine!! He should have been with you the other night!
Hoping your husband got the care that he needed, and of course prayers are coming your way....

Riot Kitty said...

Sending you and them good thoughts - I have spent hours in ER rooms with Mr. RK and friends and you're right, it all sucks.