Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sick In America !

Over the last week, NBC news has been showing us what it is like if you don't have health care in this country.
Why aren't we seeing these stories on every network?
This is the USA people, what in the hell is going on?
If we were in France, Britain or for that fact almost any European country and something happen to an American citizen they would be given free care.

But here in this country thousands have to stand in line to get basic care, and many are turned away.
Isn't there anyway we can stop the crazy right wing from destroying our country?
These people are shouting at town hall meetings that they don't want any Government options in health care, but many are taking Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, Police and Fire protection.

Maybe Bush was smart after all, he screened all of the people coming to his rallies etc.


Chris said...

We are being screwing royally....without a public plan, the reform won't happen.......too bad a lot of people will be disappointed with the results.......

Green tea said...

Your right Chris, the fear mongers are winning.

Riot Kitty said...

I think the public will demand it eventually. This is the most momentum we've had in over a decade.

Michael Manning said...

Physical Fitness is an area I'd like to see encouraged too. We're at least seeing dialogue, which to me is a start. I like to hear everybody out so we can find common ground and one day rid ourselves of divisiveness. I feel this is possible. And when we have a more peaceful dialogue, we are better equipped to create some solutions. We'll get there. Good post, Green tea!