Sunday, August 09, 2009

It's all about Family !

The rains went away and brought hot humid weather yesterday to our family BBQ. This year some of the family hit plateau birthdays including Hubba and Linda.

We have at least 6 Leo's in our family so you can imagine what it is like having all those bosses in one room. I wish we had gotten the group together for a picture, maybe next year.
Ignore the Smart A in the red T shirt, one of the Leo's along with his twin brother, they like to push our buttons.

Linda surprised us all with a Dixieland Trio called the Medicine Company who entertained us for about an hour. It was also great to mix nieces and nephews from both Hubba and my side of the family. A big surprise when some of our hometown friends showed up.

Since Hubba did so well with his crutches I may drive him to work tomorrow.

Not sure if that is for his sake or mine.


Riot Kitty said...

Hey, that shirt reminds me of a line from the movie "Julie and Julia," which we just saw tonight. Julie fakes a call in sick so she can prepare a dinner for a food critic, and her boss finds out. "Hey," he said, "I'm not firing you. I'm not a schmuck. I'm not a Republican!"

Chris said...

Cute pics, looks like fun, and glad your hubby is on the mend.........

Anonymous said...

Glad hubby is feeling better..nice red shirt..he's a card i bet! :) lol

Flash said...

That's Hubba in the foreground right, Gigi is right in front of his nose, green shirt.