Friday, October 09, 2009

Old Friends are like Old Shoes! !

It was a fun trip down to St.Peter for my mini class reunion.
The leaves are turning and I don't think even the east coast can beat the beauty in the Valley of the Jolly Green Giant.

My first stop was at The Diva's accounting office.
An old house that had been converted to office space.
Very nice Marie I was impressed.

When I got to Whiskey River and walked into "The View", a separate room that overlooks a nature area,
my first impression when I saw everyone was,
"Do I look this old?"
After I made my way around the room and talked to everyone I realized it was the gray hair that made most of them look a little bit older then others.
Only a couple of us have refused to go that direction.

Over all, most of my classmates looked pretty well preserved.
Our former Homecoming queen looked great, and to be honest it was the former football players
that seemed to have the most problems with weight gain and bad knees etc.
My advice to any prospective athletes out there is stick with Golf or Tennis.

At our last Reunion about 3 years ago, a classmate came with her new husband, "number 3."
He was very attractive and she told us it was the love of her life.
Don't know what happen to him, because she brought her new fiancee this time, and no one wanted to ask
Out of a class of 85, about 30 showed up, which was pretty good since it was put together on such short notice.
We have lost a few members, one recently and it was the reason we decided to meet.

I have suggested that we skip the formal reunion coming up in 2011 and maybe just schedule one of these meetings every year at the same time.

After lunch most of the class headed over to to one of the classmates home for pie.
I decided I didn't need the dessert and headed out to my cousins who lives on a lake about
12 miles east.

It was raining pretty heavy, but was so peaceful and quiet that I hated leaving the next morning to go home.
My cousin will soon close up her place for the winter and head for her home in Mesa.
I won't see her till next spring unless I take a quick trip west.
We'll see what happens.


Chris said...

It is fun to reconnect, as you said! I like the idea of getting together with a smaller group as well, as it's easier to actually visit. My class was almost 900, and even though not that many come to the reunions, it's just too many people!!!!!

Riot Kitty said...

Sounds like fun! My stepmom is in her final rounds of interviews in MN this week. I'll keep you posted.

D said...

I've stayed away from my high school reunion. However, I'm happy to hear those stories of folks who do reunite with old friends. Almost makes me feel guilty for not going to mine... but not enough to attend.

Flash said...

WHAT?!?, you didn't stop next door at Patrick's *grin* Have to visit the building you were born in *smile*

Does Marie know that I am good friends with Gwynne and Pat from the Drum Corps?