Thursday, October 01, 2009

Rally against Racism

Borrowed this from Flash over at Centrisity..head over there if you want to check his links to the story.
It has been upsetting to those who live in Brooklyn Park and surrounding Communities.
The right wing in this country is stirring up hatred that has even spread to otherwise peaceful Areas.
What is it going to take before Limbaugh, and all the nuts at Fox news stop the hateful rhetoric?

"Derrick Thomas was on his bike with home in his sights, returning about 1 a.m. Wednesday from hanging out with his girlfriend and cousin in Brooklyn Park.

Before he knew to be terrified, Thomas, who has autism, found himself flying over his handlebars and writhing on his back on the concrete. Standing over him, he said, were three men armed with an ax, brass knuckles and a gun.

The community will not tolerate this form of behavior and are gathering this evening in a show of solidarity to the victim. More on the Rally Against Racist Attacks:

Residents of Brooklyn Park plan to hold a rally Thursday night in reaction to the beatings last week of two black men that authorities have characterized as hate crimes.

The Rally Against Racist Attacks and in Celebration of Diversity will be held from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Hartkopf Park, 7300 Florida Av. N. The park is near the site of the attacks. (ed- If raining the rally will be at Zanewood Community Center at 71st Street North and Zane Ave North. )

Carol Woehrer and Linda Freemon planned the demonstration after reading news accounts about the beating, deciding, in Woehrer's words, "we shouldn't wait until something even worse happens."

Yes, that's frequent Centrisity commenter, Linda. Why don't you check your schedule and see if you can join them. Racism isn't a partisan issue, it is a human moral issue! "



Riot Kitty said...

Racism isn't a partisan issue, it is a human moral issue!


Chris said...

Well, that says it all as far as I'm concerned.....