Monday, October 19, 2009

Book Selling Maybe??

Sarah Palin has no love for the mass media and has been focusing on Facebook to get her message out to her adoring followers.
Currently she has 930,000 followers, kind of depressing isn't it?
Our Minnesota Governor better get his act together, cause it is obvious that intelligence isn't going to count in the Republican party in 2012.

"Through her [million] Facebook followers she is her own virtual broadcast platform and the size of that platform makes her a player," said the source. "She can create her own reality on whatever she likes in a way that is no different than the balloon boy 'reality' created by cable producers."

Palin has made no secret of her distaste for the media since she emerged on the national stage last summer, arguing repeatedly that the press is pre-disposed against her and will twist whatever she says for their own purposes. She clearly believes that the public image of her created by the media is fundamentally incorrect and is seeking to end-run the media to speak to her backers. (Worth noting: President Obama used a number of social networking tools to speak directly to supporters without the use of the media.)

"My guess is that Team Palin is very twitchy about what they perceive as the hostile 'filter' of the regular media, so Facebook offers a direct way to communicate," said Mike Murphy, a prominent Republican media consultant who has been broadly critical of Palin. "Plus, it's not that big on correct grammar."

Get the whole story here; from Chris Cillizza at "The Fix"


Chris said...

I think that she also saw that Obama's popularity preceded the election campaigning because of his books and exposure....she's just changing tactics!

Riot Kitty said...

Has intelligence ever counted in the right wing?


sigh*.....stupid stupid stupid.