Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wanda My hero...

What did they expect when they invited Wanda Sykes to speak at the White House Correspondents dinner?
She is not only one of the best stand up comics she is edgy and I thought very restrained last night, in case you didn't see it, here is most of it.
Part two seems to be what is causing "F" News people the most grief.

Meanwhile I want all the old fossils complaining about her performance to shut the FOX up!
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Riot Kitty said...

I love Wanda Sykes.

Chris said...

YOu go girl!

John said...

Okay Wantda Sykes is the kind of comments are the type we need to rid of in America. I beleive these type of comments on both sides need to stop.

Yes Rush goes way way to far and far to offen. He also needs to stop pusheing the envolop.

Yes we have every right to be critcal of people and there stands on issues, however lets do it in a respectful manner. Even in "jokes".

Green tea said...

You are right John, that would be a perfect world.
But you do realize that when someone like Wanda Sykes is invited to do a stand up routine, they know exactly what they are getting.
Thanks for stopping by..

Michael Manning said...

Wanda is not my style, Green Tea. But as a broadcaster I find Limbaugh disgusting because he hurts man people. Lenny Bruce and Richard Pryor were authentic. Today, I see too much imitation. Robin Williams is an exception. He is an original. Have a nice week! :)

Green tea said...

Michael, if Obama continues his popularity, I predict Limbaugh will either change for the audience, or move on.
It's all about money with him..
I like Wanda, but Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are more my taste

runningwmn said...

I love Wanda and loved her routine. I love her insight and I think she's totally authentic.
Ok, maybe the 20th hijacker joke was a bit over the top. But, c'mon the kidney joke was hysterical. It's not like anybody was joking about the non-existent WMDs that were never found, like Bush did. Laughing about starting a war on false pretenses is right up there with, well, starting a war on false pretenses.
Rush will continue to be popular with the confederate flag waving crowd. But fortunately that is less than about 18%. That might be a high enough percentage to get good enough radio show ratings to keep his producers happy, but he's not going to influence any new voters who weren't already leaning his way. The GOP becomes more irrelevent every day.

Green Tea I love your line "what the Fox" I'm going to steal that one. :)