Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hope for Change !

Would anyone ever believe this if you didn't have a video?


fineartist said...

Well, yes, hope fiend here, and right on. This year a group of kids at school approached me to be the sponsor of the gay straight alliance. I told them I couldn't "sponsor" the club since it wasn't related to a particular class but that I would be happy to monitor it for them. You would not believe the flack I got from some of the community and even some of my colleagues. Pfft. I did get the kids to change the name to teens against discrimination, beings that we live in po dunk and all.

I've missed you lots and thank you for the helmet advice, I will wear a helmet, you bet.
love a love a,

Riot Kitty said...

I remember 15 years ago when I was graduating from high school, we had ONE student who was openly gay out of 1,200, and everyone hounded him about it. I befriended him because I was so pissed...and now the same high school has a gay/straight alliance. So change takes a long time, but it's happening.

D said...

Wow. Okay... could that video have been doctored because I'm in disbelief.

Green tea said...

D, no it isn't doctored, I have seen them on other shows.
A remarkable pair to work on this
I do have hope for the human race.
Maybe Ted Olson has some regrets after 8 years of Bush!

Arteest, welcome..glad you are doing well

KItty, we had no openly gay students but some we suspected and it wasn't a big deal to any of us.
One female went on to be a great golfer on the woman's circuit.
She never married and we still don't know or care about her preference.

Michael Manning said...

Hi, Green Tea: To show you how long I have been away from the news desk, this was the first time I've seen Ted Olson since he lost his wife in the terrorist attacks of 9/11. I marvel that he has been able to go on living. I'm not certain I could do that. When I was in management, I hired the strongest possible candidates who offered strengths in areas where I was weak and we made a good team. I hired them without regard to race, religion, sexual orientation--all of that. As for the courts, no matter what the issue, it's a crap shoot regarding who is assigned to consider a case. And that alone has me skeptical about fairness on any legal matter.