Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jessie's Looking Pretty Good.

Every one laughed and made jokes about former Governor Jessie Ventura, but lately our pretty faced Governor Tim Pawlenty used his line item veto pen to cut
$380 million dollars out of the appropriation for General Assistance Medical care.

He is making Jessie Ventura's former term look pretty good.
Just like Bush did for Richard Nixon, Pawlenty is making Jessie Ventura smile.
Because of Tim Pawlenty's temper tantrum,
over 100,000 will lose their health insurance causing them to flood ER rooms.
He would rather cut and borrow then raise taxes on his rich friends.
Who do you think will end up paying for the added costs to the Hospitals?
His new, threatened cuts will damage our nursing home care, school's, and cities, causing large increases to local property taxes.

Twice this Governor has been elected by a small minority because of Independent candidates who took votes away from the Democrats.
He is ignoring the people of Minnesota to highlight his image
to the National Republican party.
He and Norm Coleman are typical of the current crop of Republicans,
greedy and opportunistic.

Centristy has a good post about the Governor's latest pout, go check him out.

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