Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Adam can be anything he wants.

Last night I taped American Idol because I was helping out at a Community Reads program.
I wanted to see the top 4 perform even though I am not a big fan of guest star Slash from Guns and Roses and expected the music to be more heavy metal then what I call rock and roll.
I am more a blues/jazz music fan
I'm glad I did tape it or I might have missed seeing Adam Lambert's Star rising.
He has been accused of being too Broadway but last night he proved he can sing anything and no matter what happens this guy is a star already.
He also performed an awesome duet with Hubba's favorite 17 year old Allison Iraheta.
I hope it helped her to make it through at least one more week.
Unfortunately that means Danny Gokey or Kris Allen will leave tonight.
Neither of these two are rock singers so their performances last night wasn't all that great.
I am still hoping for a Danny / Adam showdown, it will make for great TV and if you have never watched Idol that would be the night to watch
Here is Adams performance, you can catch the duet on youtube.

I had to update the video, since the one I had was here goes


Flash said...

Idol's still on?!? *laughing* It was on in the house it was aiight. Allison is no Alexis and only survives cause she is the only girl left.

Chris goes home tonight, but I'll be at rehearsal and will just watch the last 5 minutes on TIVO when I get home.

Anonymous said...

I was at Vball last night so I missed it. Adam can sing anything but he really needs to learn NOT to breath so hard between phrases. That gasp of air stands out too much for me.


Riot Kitty said...

To show you how out of touch I am - we rented "Knocked Up" the other night and I didn't recognize Ryan Seacrest...mind you, I know he has a radio show...but even Mr RK got it!

J said...

Have to disagree with old Flash..
Though Alexis was good she was a one trick pony compared to Allison.

These last four are "the Bomb" as Randy would say.

Green tea said...

OK Flash we''ll see who sells more
CD's Alexis or Allison..
Hubba will bet you on that one..he is an Allison fan..
She has more talent in her little finger then Miley Cyrus or any other of the Teen idols..she just needs a good handler.
I am willing to bet that she will be bigger then Kelly Klarkson.
Sorry Sarah Lee :D
But tonight she could go home..the Teeny Boppers love Kris Allen

Kimmer if my knees worked I'd be playing VB with you

Kitty, your not out of touch half my friends don't know who Ryan Seacrest is :D


Chris said...

It was a great night, even though I'm not a rock person...Adam and Allison were awesome, as was their duet! Kris and Danny could be in trouble, but their duet was awesome as well, and maybe even the best of the night! Let's see what happens!!!!!!!!

D said...

He has a nice voice.

Michael Manning said...

Hahaha! My SIL is crazy about this show and votes with her cell phone a lot! :)

Green tea said...

Michael, I haven't been voting..their system is dumb.
But I do enjoy watching new talent
getting a chance at stardom.

It is the teenager in my head who wanted to be a movie star *grin*

Chris said...

I'm crushed that Allison got voted off!!!!!!!!!!! It's too hard now...they are all great...they will all have careers, no matter what happens next. I think Adam will win.......

John said...

I listened to the first 15 seconds of the vidio and stopped that was bad bad "music" if that is what it is called.

Not sure if the kid is a good singer or not I have not watched Idol this year. First year I have missed have things going on the nights it is on.

Green tea said...

John you picked the wrong year to miss it..
Best talent Idol has ever had.
The top 4 and maybe 5 are all going to be big stars.
You can go to youtube and watch some of their music..
Adam Lambert has a few really good performances from his past, probably School productions.
But he is edgy and you really don't know what he will do next.