Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where's the Money ??

Lately every time I read the morning paper there is another story that sounds like a script from "The Shield"
a series about a corrupt drug task force.
Early April there was the story of a 19 year old Fong Lee who was gunned down while being chased by police.
No drugs were found on him and the gun found near by looks like a possible plant, his family is suing the city and the police department.

Today a another law suit was filed by a man who is trying to recover 4,500.00 taken from him illegally.

Dagoberto Rodriguez Cardonos has spent the last nine months trying to recover his money,
he has not been charged with any crime connected to the money.
The law suit filed today alleges that a gang strike force took money from Cardonos and did not provide any receipt, inventory
or any paperwork.

He was at a impound lot picking up his girlfriends car when 5 plainclothes police officers arrived and ordered him and a group of other immigrants that were there to put their hands up.

Cardona said an officer searched him, found the money, held it up and said "Oh money" and then just put it in his pocket over the protests of Cardonos.

Even though he has produced proof that the money was legal, it has not been returned.
The suit also alleges that some city employee's' including lot workers and officers violated a Minneapolis ordinance that prohibits them from asking about their immigration status unless the law requires it.
Cardona, a native of Honduras didn't have a permit and was turned over to federal immigration agents.
Whether he was legal or not, his money should be returned.

The insurance premiums for the city of Mpls must be getting pretty high.


Riot Kitty said...

This is all just despicable. Is there any kind of investigation of these creeps?

Chris said...

NO one cares! A Honduran? HEllo! They don't think they need to be accountable.......these kind of cops probably get away with it all the time anyway......

D said...

It's sad when you can't even trust the cops.

Anonymous said...

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