Sunday, April 12, 2009

No Shock just Awe !

While everyone has been criticizing Obama for not doing anything to rescue
Captain Richard Philips.
Quietly behind the scenes things were in process.

Chris Cillzza "The Fix" from the Washington Post
says it best,

"On the surface, Obama and his senior aides were only monitoring the situation but, according to a White House official, the administration was far more engaged behind closed doors.

Obama received his first briefing on the incident just hours after returning from his eight day trip abroad on Wednesday, and over the next 48 hours received further briefings to keep him apprised of the situation. By late Friday the president had authorized "potential emergency actions" to free the ship's captain and he did so again on Saturday. By Sunday at 4 p.m., Obama was on the phone with the rescued captain congratulating him on his new-won freedom."

I think the message sent here is, don't mess with

"The Man"!

Yesterday at our family Easter celebration one family member suggested they just blow up the raft with the Captain on it.
I suggested that all they needed to do was put our Navy Seals in the water and he would be free.

I had faith in our Navy.

Maybe they will think twice before they go after another American ship, and maybe now other countries will join us in
making these waters safe.

I don't expect Obama to take any credit, I expect him to give it all to the rescuers.
But remember Leadership is necessary here and I think right now this proves we have the right Person in charge.

May I add, I think John Bolton is a Giant A hole.


D said...

I can't stand John Bolton

Chris said...

News flash... the Capt. is safe!!! Yeah Bolton is a flake...can't get over the craziness on Fox...where do they get this stuff?