Friday, April 24, 2009

Good Pay TV !

I wish I had known Charles Grodin was going to be on Sean Hannity's show.
I love that guy and use to watch his late night talk show.
Good for Keith Olberman for jumping on this challenge.
I hope more decide to add to the bounty.
I would pay to watch Sean Hannity and any of the other defenders of torture being water boarded.
I would pay double if one of them was Ann Coulter.


Riot Kitty said...

I have always loved Charles Grodin, since he starred in a Muppet movie!

Green tea said...

What movie was that ?

I liked "The Heart Break Kid" But then that dates me.. *GRIN*

Chris said...

Can we throw in Michelle Bachman?????

D said...

Don't forget about Tammy Bruce!!

Green tea said...

Tammy Bruce, Laura Ingram..maybe we need to make a list :D

K-Rod said...

Should President Obama be impeached or just charged with crimes for "torturing" some of our brave soldiers in the military?

Last I checked, SEAL training included waterboarding.