Monday, July 27, 2009

Road Rage !

I am still stressed over an incident that happen last Thursday.
I and a friend were on our way to my daughters for a fundraiser.
We were talking and missed the turn, so I went to the next intersection and turned around.
On our way back I was driving about 30 which I think was the speed limit on that road.
A car came up behind me and hugged my tail most of the way.
I hate that..
When I signaled at least a block away from the turn and slowed down, she whipped around me honked and glared at me and proceeded to hit a car coming across the road and spun it around.
At first I felt gleeful, and we chose not to stop.
Now I feel guilty and wish I had stopped and let the other driver know that she was
not watching the road.

I wish I could quit thinking about it so my Blood Pressure would drop back to normal.


Chris said...

Hopefully she was sited for the accident, as it sounds like it was her fault. I know what you mean though....have been in a similar situation. I tapped my brakes on the freeway because of a tailgater...he angrily whipped around me so recklessly that he spun out of control and slid across 5 lanes of traffic...thankfully he didn't hurt anyone!!!! At first I was hoping he would have to change his underwear, but then I couldn't sleep for nights thinking it might have been my fault if anyone had been hurt!!!!!!!

Riot Kitty said...

I hate it when people tailgate for exactly that reason - I'm afraid they won't pay attention and cause accidents. Fuckers. I'm glad it wasn't you that got hit though.

Michael Manning said...

I agree with Chris and Riot Kitty here Gigi. I've driven in 39 cities and the traffic here in Phoenix is bad. We lead the nation in intersection fatalities. With tailgators, I merely signal to the right lane and keep a steady speed. They usually pass me. Remember, my friend. You're only human. This wil resolve.