Friday, July 17, 2009

C street , Sanctuary for what?

Even though I love cool weather,
I found it was a little too cool to sit on my deck and read this afternoon.
Temps around 60 with a wind sent me inside.

While checking my e-mail I found this youtube clip from Rachel Maddows show.
I hadn't seen it and my blood began to boil as I watched it.
All of these sick so called family values Christian Conservatives need to be exposed.
Many of them screamed for Clinton's resignation and now they
have formed their own little cult so they can have their fuzzie's without anyone knowing about it.
I hope every single politician who ever went through the doors of C Street
is named.
I am anxious to see just who is on the list.

Guess I'll have to pay more attention to Rachel's show from now on.


Riot Kitty said...

I want 60 and windy! It's 91 and sunny as all hell here.

Regarding the political part of your post, when I was in 7th grade my dad remarked that he thought people with the most skeletons in the closet were also the loudest and most judgmental.

Chris said...

Rk...agree with Dad! Sure fits the religious right......
We LOVE Rachel, and tape her every night!!!!

Mike Licht, said...

There's nothing sinister about the C Street Fellowship. The group just believes that "love thy neighbor" trumps the Ten Commandments if you're rich, white, male and Republican.


Green tea said...

Kitty I agree with your Dad too

Chris ,I tape so much already and don't have time to watch it.
Flash thinks I should get a TIVO
but I am so Techy illiterate

Mike thanks for stopping by, I love new political blogs.

Check out Mike's Blog..he has a good video there..

Chris said...

Tivo is the way to go...they call it DVR now.....that's what we do....and yeah, I can relate to having a back-up, as my hubby is a taping fool!!!!!!

D said...

Thanks for posting this. Gotta love Rachel!

D said...

Did you catch more of the C Street on Tuesday? Scary as shit!!