Friday, November 06, 2009

Hearing Voices?

I am very nervous about the month of November, probably because it is the anniversary of JFK's assassination.

It seems to bring out the nutcases and they are in prime form right now.

Yesterday the shooting at Fort Hood and today the attacks in Orlando.

Both cases show men who were despondent over something that is going on in their lives.
One because he didn't want to go to Afghanistan and the other who had lost his job and was in bankruptcy and had just given up.

But why do they have to take innocent people with them, and what is the difference between what they did and a suicide bombing in the Middle East?

Yesterday Crazy Michele Bachman encouraged her rabid followers to revolt.

This supposed Christian woman who claims that God speaks to her and
is stirring up hatred every time she opens her mouth.

I was once employed at St.Peter State Mental Hospital.
there I met a lot of people like her,
they were all diagnosed as Schizophrenics.

Can't anyone put a muzzle on her before there is a tragedy we will never recover from?


Riot Kitty said...

That is interesting - the comparison between Bachman and people with sz. I think a lot of famous people, including politicians, are high-functioning people living with mental illness that impairs their judgment.

As for Fort Hood...I just don't understand. I don't think a sane person could commit such an act.

D said...

I still don't understand how she got into office. Is her district full of crazies?

Chris said...

This is a good question D!!!!!! My cousin, who is from Minn. says 'yes'!!!!!!!!!!

Green tea said...

She wins because 10 % vote for the Independent candidate and that takes votes away from the Democrats.
The Dems have an excellent candidate running this year, Sate Senator Taryl Clark..but she has to convince the Independents to support her or Bachman wins again