Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy 30th Baby !!

Our oldest Grandson is now a homeowner, he moved into his first house last month and Saturday night his mom, our daughter, put together a house warming.
It was also his 30th birthday, his Mom (Linda/runningwoman)looks like his sister and said it didn't faze her to have a son turning 30.
I remember when she turned 30 and I felt the same way at that time, but between you
and me, last night was the first time I actually felt old.
Seeing all his young friends arrive brought back memories of parties past.

But the next time I see a picture of George Clooney and my heart beats a little faster, this too will pass.

David has two younger brothers, identical twins, both married and home owners.
One is father of 7 year old Amalia our red headed Princess.
The Twins have a striking resemblance to Matt Damon, though they think they are much better looking.
It is funny watching them banter back and forth, like two little roosters strutting around the room,
playing the conservatives while trying to push our political buttons.

I told them they will never be able to rock my boat,because I know I'm right and my general message to them is "I don't care who you vote for, educate your self and
just vote.
I'm proud of my boys because they care.

The house David bought was an estate sale, a 90 something lady that moved to a nursing home.
He removed all the drapes and curtains to get the "old" smell out of the house, I assume it was a dusty, musty smell in the drapes, they probably had not been cleaned for sometime.
It needs a little TLC , I am sure the previous owner was unable over the last years she lived there to do much deep cleaning, but over all the house was in very good shape.
Luckily David is an Electrician, because the house wasn't wired for the oven the previous owners had installed in the kitchen.
He took care of that and it is working fine now.
I assume they took the original stove and replaced it with a cheaper one.
He plans on ripping up all the carpeting and refinishing all the hard wood floors.
The basement will get redone into a large recreation room, a room waiting for many games of pool and darts.
A nice fenced back yard for his St. Bernard mix Bitsy to run in.
I think the lady who lived thee would be happy with the new owner.
He is the right person for this house, because there isn't any thing this kid can't do

The boys are also are Sportsmen and
I regret that my dad died way too young unable to see those hunting, fishing, genes pass down to his
great grandsons.

David like my dad lives for fishing, and in fact he said before we left the house Saturday night, "I'm going fishing tomorrow if my minnows are still alive."
I noticed a keg in the Kitchen so doubt if he left very early

That's My baby !!


Riot Kitty said...

I think people are only as old as they feel and act...and you're certainly not old. Happy to him!

Marie said...

drooling over the fish !!!! 30 seems like eon's ago -- having a touch of old age this week !!!!