Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tax Exempt?? Not for Long !

I have been busy checking blogs lately.
I was curious to see if anyone was writing about the Conservative Bishop in RI who is feuding with Patrick Kennedy.
Suggesting to him and other politicians not to take Communion because they support a woman's right over her own body.
I haven't seen him scolding Republican Catholics who support the death penalty.
Maybe some rules have changed that I haven't heard about, but I know that my priest ranks that just as high as abortion rights.

In 1960 voters were concerned about electing John Kennedy, they
feared that the church would try and influence his votes and that the Vatican would be ruling from the White House.

The Catholic Church isn't the only church blackmailing politicians today.
Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell and many others have been doing it for years.

Maybe it is time for the Government to revisit their tax exemption.

What do you think about this?

I am off today to work at a Senior Luncheon, our church is hosting,

I am going to pick some brain while I am there, and see what they think.


MNObserver said...

Wasn't that always the deal? The government stayed out of telling you how to run your church and you in turn stayed out of telling the the government how to run its affairs? And in return the churches got a whole series of nice tax breaks as long as they played by the rules.

Green tea said...

Ain't working is Kid ??
Nice to see you here..:)

Flash said...

Another perspective which comes to a similar conclusion:


DiscordianStooge said...

The catholic church should deny communion to anyone who believes in birth control. Of course they won't, since they'd lose pretty much every American member under the age of 60.