Friday, June 05, 2009

I Believe !!!

Wow !!

They didn't make it easy and I don't know how many games like that I could watch.

We got to the game in No. Mankato, Thursday at 3:00 and were able to watch our youngest granddaughter Amy pitch an awesome game only 5 hits and 5 of the 7 innings it was 1-2-3 and they were gone to put the Elks into the Championship game at 2:00 today.
I was happy to see some family take time to cheer her on with us and her Mom and Dad.
Amy didn't get to pitch today but she bunted to move the winning run to 3rd base.

Elk River beat North St. Paul 1 to 0.

The game was over around 4:00 and the happy team and coach headed back to Elk River for a Police escort into town.
Graduation tonight, I hope the Seniors had time for a shower.
Tomorrow night at 4:00 is Amy's graduation party and even though it is suppose to be cold and rainy, I'm sure everyone will enjoy the night.

As good as Amy is, it was starter Kelsey Roche who made the all Tournament team by firing a one hit shutout in the first game to advance them and also got the final win.
Two awesome pitchers and great defense gave Elk River their first State title.

What a way to end your Senior year.

I need a drink!!!!


Riot Kitty said...

Cool! You would be a great sports writer, you know.

Green tea said...

Thanks Kitty, but I'm not a big sports fan.
I couldn't handle many games like that. :D

Michael Manning said...

This was a special post, Green tea that resonated with delight! I was so happy reading it! :D)