Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mr. Franken goes to Washington !

Senator Amy Klobuchar
will be present at a rally tomorrow at noon at the St.Paul Capital to send
our Junior Senator, Al Franken and his wife Franni off to Washington.
It has been over 6 years since the tragic death of our friend, Senator Paul Wellstone and
it was a sad day when Norm Coleman was sent to Washington in his place.
In fact it was a travesty, but finally we have someone who deserves to take back that Senate seat.
I don't know if Paul Wellstone can ever be replaced, but Al Franken is closer to Paul's views then
anyone we have, and he is going to be fun to watch.
It has been a long 7 months waiting for this race to be over,
it was a fun campaign to work on and now Al has to get to work..
Amy Klobuchar and her staff were remarkable doing the job of two Senators.
One thing Naughty Normy will get credit for
is to ensure her re-election.
No Republican will be able to touch her,
I predict she will win her next election with over 60% of the vote

Oh it is going to be fun watching Bill O'Reilly go ballistic.


Riot Kitty said...

I think he should get an extra few months to make up for the time he missed. Although I can't f'ing believe we have someone from SNL in the senate.

Michael Manning said...

I recall his comedy sketch called "Get Al Franken A Limo" years ago. I was one of many who sent in a post card encouraging a limousine. :D)

D said...

I was so pleased to finally hear a resolution to this. Good for Mr. Franken.

Heidi said...

pssst.." updated" :)

runningwmn said...

Al Franken would never have run for office if Naughty Norm hadn't run around declaring himself a 99% improvement over Paul Wellstone only a couple months after Paul's death. It is poetic justice that Al Franken wins his dear friend's senate seat back for us again. The victory is made even sweeter by the sour grapes of the rabid righties who can't contain their head exploding anger. I love it!!!! Their childish outbursts give me warm fuzzies all over.

runningwmn said...

And the victory just keeps getting sweeter. http://tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com/2009/07/frankens-new-capitol-hill-office-seals-final-victory-over-coleman.php?ref=dc2

Chris said...

Not so much getting the Dems in as getting the crazies out!!!!!