Friday, March 06, 2009

Final 13 !

I was disappointed last night, that the judges chose to balance out their final 12 by choosing Jasmine Murray over a couple superior male singers.
If they were going to add another female I think they should have gone with Jessie Langseth or
Tatiana who is a far superior singer compared to a couple female choices.
I think it was her quirky personality that
kept her out.
Jessie again made a poor song choice, I would have thought she had learned her lesson.
But her vocals are better then 16 year old Jasmine.
I wasn't surprised when they added Anoop at the end to make it a final 13.
He is a teeny boppers dream, and they vote.

Without seeing the 13 finalist's perform together, I am going out on a limb and predicting the final 6.

Scott MacIntire will be there, not because he is a better singer then the rest, but his cute factor and blindness is appealing to those that do the voting.
The same goes for Jorge Nunez and Anoop Desai

Topping my list and maybe in the final 3 are

Lil Rounds, the best female singer since Fantazia and Jennifer Hudson.
Adam Lambert, he has personality to go along with his Broadway voice.
I hope to hear him sing an Elvis song before this competition is over.
Last but not least, David Gokey who is so appealing and has the sound I would pay to hear.
Anyone of these 3 can win it all if they make the right song choices, and all 3 of them have a career no matter what.

Now I have to point out, last year a couple of my favorites were long gone in the early shows, they kept making bad song choices.

Then all of a sudden David Cook came out of no where.

Right now he is my favorite all time American Idol so anything can happen.

This was my favorite performance Tuesday night.

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Riot Kitty said...

Having never seen this show, I have to write: where is your meme?!

You could write 8 things you know about American Idol ;)