Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good by Alexis.

Hubba is not a happy camper today and neither is Flash.
American Idol's results show sent home their favorite last night.
Little Alexis Grace ( mini me Dolly Parton with out the extra chest accouterments)
and more of a blues singer.

I thought her rendition of Jolene was a little copy cat and may have been her downfall.
It shows the importance on this show of song choices.
Unfortunately the teeny boppers who are willing to redial over and over to vote for their
favorite's weren't dialing her number.
I wasn't surprised and told Hubba to be prepared to see either Alexis or Megan go home.
Personally I was hoping it would be Michael Sarver a country singer want a be
who I didn't think did all that great in comparison.
Hubba was convinced that Adam Lambert (the Broadway here I come, Rocker)
who had destroyed his idol Johnny Cash''s song Ring of Fire, was going to be on the chopping block.
I knew that wasn't gonna happen, he forgets who does the voting and anyway the judges would never let Adam leave this early.
Adam will be in the finals with Danny Gokey my soul man.

Adam was taught a wee lesson last night when Ryan made him stand with Alexis and sweat a little.
Maybe he will rethink his persona, remembering this is for a recording contract and not some Las Vegas
stage show.
The final ten will be going on tour and it will be one of the best groups they ever had.
I don't think Alexis is going to have to worry, with that powerful voice she has a career waiting for her, but I do wish the
Idol makers would add her to their tour.

This video shows a lot of what she is capable of, but no way how good she actually is.


Chris said...

A bad choice...but it is getting harder!!

Flash said...

I haven't watched since, haven't decided if I am going to bother anymore