Monday, March 09, 2009

Hope we can believe in !

Maybe there is hope for this country.
I saw this on the DL Hugley show, I know many religious
people who feel this way and voted for Obama.
They are the real Christians, not the ones who claim to be born again and then
preach hate speech against the Gay Community.

I am so proud that today President Obama signed an executive order restoring funding for research on all lines of available stem cells.
Now the research can begin and maybe lives can be changed.


Riot Kitty said...

Amen, sister!

Michael Manning said...

It came too late for my young Cousin with breast cancer and my own Father, but I welcome this very important initiative. A personal friend of mine is traveling to Europe for stem cell implantation immediately for ALS. How shameful that he and his wife must go to such extremes. But we are rallying around him. Out FDA is foolish in dragging their feet. Sorry to be long-winded Green Tea, but this one hits home hard. lol!!!:)

K-Rod said...

"Now the research can begin..."

That is a bit ignorant, there was NO ban on stem cell research.

It is quite typical of "progressives" and Liberal Fascists to demand the Federal Government fund all their pet projects and special interests. I suppose they would say it is unconstitutional to not federal fund it? Wow, where in the Constitution do you find that? Oh, you just made that stuff up. Sure.

Go ahead Obama, add another trillion to our debt. Go ahead, saddle future generations with that debt burden.
Just. Plain. Wrong.

Riot Kitty said...

So K-Rod signs up an account so he can harass us? That's really mature. Go back to your drunk driving and check bouncing. Every obnoxious comment on my blog that you post I will delete, or I'll do comment moderation, because you obviously refuse to grow up.

J said...

This certainly shows the maturity of the new Republican party,
"Trolls for Palin" !

K-Rod said...

You are a Riot, project much? Lie much? Yep. I signed up on a blogger account months and months ago. You just have to look in the mirror to see the harasser.
I simply stated the truth: there was NO ban on stem cell research.

Ever refute a point the old-fashioned way without your ad hominem attacks?

Please don't hate on me just because I am right.

My Karma just ran over your Dogma

Riot Kitty said...

I don't hate you. I envy the free time you must have to go posting stuff on random peoples' blogs.

Lie much? Your criminal record doesn't lie, my friend.

John said...

I think we need to stop reliening on HOPE and start working on the real issues. Something this president is not doing to this point.

K-Rod said...

Are you a clock puncher of a seat warmer for 8 hours?

Not me, success is measured by the project. Projects are on the calender, not micro-managed by the minute. The consulting business industry has its perks along with its downside.

Riot, I am not your friend. Am I a sinner? Yes. Why must you cast the first stone?

John sees it. I am glad someone is paying attention. The only thing Obama has done is made things worse. I would HOPE to see more critical thinking from the liberals for a CHANGE.

K-Rod said...

BTW, Riot, this isn't a random blog, I linked to it from the Anti-Strib blog and Mitch's SitD blog.

Do you stalk everyone with which you disagree? Talk about free time. Yikes!

Now, back on topic.
There was NO ban on stem cell research.
Obama is saddling future generations with an enormous debt.
Obama's actions plunge us deeper into The Obama Depression.
If the last stimuloss was bad this one is no better.

I do support improving and building roads and bridges!

alan said...

My Dad died of pancreatic cancer, my Mom is slowly dying from MS and I've seen so many others die from the diseases that there might be some hope for now.

We can only hope!


K-Rod said...

Why would you have no hope in the previous research?

Do you think the research scientists have suddenly become smarter?

Green tea said...

I will warn you once Kevin.
Respect other posters on this blog or I will delete your comments.
If you have constructive ideas to share you are welcome, but if all you want to do is attack Obama and people who agree with him then I suggest you find another playground.

Alan I understand your pain. One of
best friends lost her sister to Parkinson's this year, if only we had
been allowed some real research over the last 8 years things may have been different.

Green tea said...

I hope that your friend finds success with his treatment in Europe.
It is sad that we have lost 8 years of real research.
I never find you long winded :D

George Bush took a surplus 8 years ago and blew it.
At the least give Obama his full term to try and straighten this mess out.

K-Rod said...

Do you think the research scientists have suddenly become smarter? Really?

I thought Bush was way out of control on spending but at this rate Obama will add $8 trillion to the debt in one term. But I still think we can blame everything on Bush until 2019.

D said...

Thanks for posting the video! I didn't get a chance to catch the show.

Riot Kitty said...

Hey, G: