Friday, March 27, 2009

Adios to Michael !!

Wednesday night on American Idol the theme was Motown and guest Smokey Robinson coached the contestants.
Best performance of the night was Adam Lambert's soulful rendition of Smokey's, Track of Tears, it brought him and Barry Gordey to their feet.
Last week I was not thrilled with Adam's performance of Ring of Fire.
I really found it a little strange but then that could have something to do with my lack of enthusiasm for that type of rock music.
He proved Wednesday that he is on his way to the final two.
I am hoping the other contestant will be Danny Gokey, who has brought it every week with each song choice.

Besides these two guys Allison Iraheta was right on with her performance of Papa was a Rolling Stone.
It is hard to believe she is only 16 years old.
I expected Megan to be in the bottom three and maybe even go home after her poor performance, but I am guessing since she is only one of three females left on the show, it saved her.
Going home last night was Michael Sarver.
It will be getting harder very week, some really good talent this year.
Now let Adam WOW you !!

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Chris said...

Wasn't he a big surprise? Just goes to show that he really is a talented guy and can sing anything. It always gets hard at this point because everyone is so good now, and the competition is really ON!!!