Sunday, March 08, 2009

8 things about the Minnesota Senate recount

I am doing this "meme" for Riot Kitty,
only because I don't have to tag anyone.

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I have chosen to update the Senate recount in Minnesota.
Currently we only have one Senator representing us and Amy Klobuchar is doing an excellent job, but I wonder when she sleeps.

Up the roller coaster everyone. then down.

1.On November 4th, 2008 Norm Coleman thought he won the Senate race by 215 votes, he said if he was behind he would have conceded.

2. Minnesota law said Nay, automatic recount followed.

3.Coleman challenged thousands of Franken ballots, the court ruled against him on most of them.

4.Jan. 5th the Election board certifies the recount results that show Franken leading by 225 votes..

5. Remember # 1?
Coleman did not step aside he filed a law suit instead.

6. Republican leaders urge Coleman to continue his fight and delay Franken's seating as long as he can. They make a commercial urging supporters to send money to help with Coleman's court case.

7. March 6th the Minnesota Supreme Court denies Al Frankens petition for a certificate of election. They said a certificate can't be issued until the legal case is over. Al Franken's case is now being presented to the court.

8. Norm Coleman has a press conference and suggests another election should be held and hints he may take case to US Supreme Court

Remember # 1


Riot Kitty said...

How did I know you'd pick something like this? :)

K-Rod said...

How can you say "Amy Klobuchar is doing an excellent job" when you have nothing to back with the exception of trillions of dollars being added to the country's debt.

Why would Amy saddle future generations with so much debt?

As for the Senate election, we will never know which clown actually won, regardless of which one is selected. Obviously our election process is broken and the true fix is to call for a run-off election in the case of such a close election.

Anonymous said...

So Krud you are suggesting spending millions of Minnesota tax dollars for another election.
That's brilliant thinking.
Sounds like typical Republican logic.
Paul Mac.

K-Rod said...

Please tell me that you really don't think this recount process is free, Mac. Please!

Our election process is broken. This election is tainted. This election won't be truly decided no mater who is selected.

You know I am right when I say a run off election would have been the correct way to resolve such a close election.

In your heart you know I am right.

Anonymous said...

Yes the recount is costly but it is in state law.
You want to change that you have to change the law.
When Coleman loses his challenge he will have to pay the court expenses and maybe even some of Franken's expenses too.
Another election could be just as close and send it into another recount,that's idiotic.
Paul Mac.

K-Rod said...

Bzzz, nope, I will bet you one month pay that a run off election would not be nearly as close. We would have a definative winner. We need to fix the process.
Only an idiot would claim the current system works fine.

It matters not who is selected in this race, the recount proves that our election process is broken and needs to be fixed.

We will never know which of these clowns won the election.

State Supreme Court Justice G. Barry Anderson, has acknowledged that "very likely there was a double counting."

Quite telling how some worry about money of these amounts when Nero Obama is charging trillions for his violin lessions. Very telling of you Mac.