Friday, May 25, 2007

Remember those that sacrificed for us.

As we go into Memorial day weekend,
I have had so many mixed feelings.

I was hoping the Senate and Congress would not cave into Bush
But yesterday they did, in the final vote to ultimately extend this war.

What is it going to take for our elected officials to get a little back bone?
This war is not going to end as long as they continue to fund it.

I also wavered at one point wondering what would happen to our troops
if they didn't fund it.

Since then with a little research I found that the troops would have been taken care of.

Yesterday President Bush continued his scare tactics as he pointed at different journalists that didn't agree with him and told them

"If we don't win this war, they are going to kill your children."

Well Mr. President they are killing our children now, and if you don't end this war
they are going to kill thousands more of our children serving over there.
Including thousands of Iraqis

In the 5th year of this war we have spent over 1 Trillion dollars
So far the money spent on this war could have financed 1.8 million new teachers.
funded 20 million college scholarships, given 60 million people health care
We have lost over 3000 of our young people, 25,000 wounded, of those 1500+
are amputees and 5000 have head and brain injuries.

Our President is quick to find more money to pour into this war, but not enough to help those seriously wounded when they come home.

I will be watching the talk shows this weekend, I want to see the reasoning for this vote.

Meanwhile I want to thank those that had the courage to stand up to this President.
I just hope that the next time they have a vote there will be more of them.


Misty said...

Good Post GiGi--
Did you see that Rosie won't be back at all now? I kind of suspected it based on her blog..I'm sad though. I liked that ability to see her daily on tv..though I felt it was getting painful to see her in that respect I'm glad she's done.

alan said...

I keep thinking back to another era and remembering John Fogerty's "Fortunate Son"...

I somehow thought had they not given in Bush would have had to sign sooner or later or had it be his own fault, but perhaps that was just wishful thinking on my part!

Meanwhile more and more of our children will be remembered on Memorial Day...