Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mothers Day

If my mom was alive today she would have celebrated her 99th birthday on May 8th.
But because of an illness that drained her body and spirit, she left this world
November 2, 1994. way to early.

Mom was in complete age denial
It took her into her 80's before she would admit she was a senior citizen.
She was Irish first with a touch of English,
Someone you didn't mess with, all 5 ft' 2" of her.

She adored my husband and always told me that if we should ever divorce she got him.

Even at the age of 86 the church was filled with young and old.
As we left the church her good friend and neighbor Big Lou sang "Galloway Bay"
in his beautiful Tenor voice.

Below is just a portion of the eulogy a friend gave at her funeral

Today is the age of Angels.
All over the world there is becoming a magical
awakening to the fact, there really are angels

Those of you that knew Gladys were witness to that fact.
I think of her as the littlest angel,
the wittiest one, the busiest, the one who giggles the most,
the one who is the most fun to be around.
She was young at Heart.

(skipping personal things)

This Angel left us many gifts. She left her children and
grandchildren the gift of a great sense of humor, a warm acceptance
of all people no matter what color or creed.
She left all of us the gift of friendship.
This earth angel, the littlest angel has only passed on and she is waiting for us.
I believe she is saying.

" Live life to the fullest and you will find that the greatest gift
is our relationship with others."


Tim said...

Every one love Aunt Gladdy! I miss her so.

Great Nephew Tim
Irvine, CA

alan said...

Though I never had the pleasure of meeting her, I know she must have been quite a woman, because she raised one heckuva daughter!


kath said...

Hi GT,

I noticed your post and alan's blog.
It piqued my interest.

This is a lovely tribute. My mom died when she was only 56, in 1990, of cancer. I am 54 very soon, and that is a little scary.

Read your profile, and like it.. will return to read more, soon..
take care... happy tuesday !