Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Did the gates open up?

Today when I heard that Jerry Falwell had died,
my first thought was,

"I wonder who met him at the gate?"
Over the years Jerry Falwell gave Christianity a bad name.
I was always taught compassion and empathy,
especially for those who could not help themselves.

Reverend Falwell spewed hateful venom most of the time,
his type of ministry gives other men of faith a bad name.

I have never been able to understand that type of religion.
Here in Minnesota we have one of those TV ministers.
Recently we found out that he has a couple of very expensive homes,
cars and boats.
He joked about it at one of his services and made this remark,
or something like it.
" They forgot to mention my Bikes"

Hey, his congregation loves him and loves giving him their money.
He turns around and openly supports Conservative politicians.

He got himself in a wee bit of trouble when he allowed
Michelle Bachman ( one kooky lady) to speak to his congregation while she was running for Congress.
She spoke about her fasting for days before she made the decision to run for office.
Then the Lord talked to her and told her to run.

The Reverend then announced to the worshipers, he was going to vote for her.
He doesn't even live in her district, something he found out later.
There were some challenges because of his tax free status,
but I don't think anything ever came from it.

I'm sure many people loved Reverend Falwell and grieve for him.

They all have my sympathy!!


alan said...

If Jerry's Karma catches up with him...



runningwmn said...

Hmmmmm . . . Jerry Fallwell attempting to enter the pearly gates. . . The Saturday Night Live skit possibilities are endless. . .

Misty said...

I agree..its hard to be sad about someone who was so hateful.