Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Today watching "The View" I could see the stress in Rosie's face.
Maybe she was tired, I hope that's all it was.
Maybe it was the fact that she had Kelly's family visiting
this past week.
That alone would be stressful.

I bet she can't wait till this seasons shows end.
It will be interesting to see what kind of ratings it will get next fall.

I made a little trip to the Periodontist today, which leads to another visit on Thursday for some minor surgery.
My Hygienist also thought a spot on my face needed a look see by my Doctor so scheduled that for Friday.

The joys of getting older.

It has been a bad week all around
and my mood today is blue.
I think I am just going to go curl up with a glass of wine and watch AI and Dancing with the Stars.

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alan said...

I've been thinking about buying a bottle of zinfandel for a few days now. Work sucks, there is no end to it in sight, and I've got 5 days off coming up...

I'm glad you are looking after your health. Much better to be ahead of things than behind them!