Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mixed "Views"

Well I certainly learned one good lesson today.
Don't watch a tape of the View before you are going to bed.
Todays show had me on the edge of my chair with my mouth hanging open.
I wasn't surprised by the explosion between Rosie and Elizabeth.
We are coming down to the last couple weeks of Rosie's stay and
I have watched her getting more and more stressed.
She has been trying so hard not to fight with Elizabeth because of her pregnancy.
But the last couple days, feelings have been hurt. and I could see in Rosie's face that it was only a matter of time.
I was surprised at the tone from Elizabeth. It was obvious to me that she has been holding back too.
Elizabeth feeding on Fox news is the most naive woman I have ever seen.
Rosie feels passionately about this country and the over 3000 young people killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.
She also feels for the 100's of thousand innocent Iraqi's that have been killed.
Elizabeth feels passionately about keeping her friends at Fox News happy and today she may have put them before her friendship.
Someday she will mature and she will see who her real friend was.
I hope it is soon.
Today I just wanted to reach through the tube and hug Rosie and wipe the pain off her face.
If "The View" wins an Emmy this year it will be because of Rosie O'Donnell, and next fall if they don't find a powerful voice to replace her.
It will be the last year of "The View"


alan said...

I didn't see it, only a clip on CNN later in the day and not all of that.

Anyone who believes Fox "News" is beyond reasoning with...


Misty said...

Did you see Alecia Silverstone snub Elisabeth when she came out afterwards? It was priceless.

runningwmn said...

I have wanted to slap Elizabeth for a long time. She is more than naive, she is down right brainwashed ignorant. The View needs to get a new token young chick, in addition to a strong replacement for Rosie or the show will die for sure.

Green tea said...

Love Alicia Silverstone...*smile*

Anonymous said...

Can someone please explain to me...why is it okay for Rosie to have her views and express them and wallow in the "people pick on me because i am a fat, lesian" mode...yet Elisabeth (or any conservative for that matter) cannot have their opinion?

runningwmn said...

Here is my understanding of the Rosie-Elizabeth conflict that might help Anonymous more clearly understand the situation. It was not a matter of anybody saying Elizabeth was not allowed to have her own opinions. Rosie was expressing her hurt feelings, because when blatent lies were made to the effect that she supported the terrorists, and Elizabeth was asked if she believed that to be true, Elizabeth played coy and was evasive and refused to say. Elizabeth's response to Rosie's hurt feelings were to go completely balistic and start verbally attacking her. I'm not sure where the original lies came from, maybe somebody else reading this does. I would venture a guess that it was some blowhard on Fox news, which I also understand Elizabeth has close ties to, but I don't know the details on that either. The bottom line is, Elizabeth who knows Rosie well, and who Rosie considered a friend, was complicit in the lies against Rosie. That isn't one opinion versus another. That is one human engaging in a slanderous smear campaign against another person, and then going balistic when exposed. People have a right to their opinions, whether they are Republican or Democrat. But nobody has the RIGHT to make up blatent slanderous Rovian lies and smear other people in their quest to gain support from the masses for illegal wars and numerous other corrupt activities, no matter how cute, skinny and blond they happen to be.
p.s. what the hell is a "lesian"?

Green tea said...

Hey Running Woman you should start your own blog..LOL

Thanks for putting This in perspective.