Tuesday, May 08, 2007

American Idol

Yeh thats right I am an AI addict, but I agree with my stranger friend Misty that this year just doesn't have the Pzazz.
I don't know why, some really talented singers, but no one moves me like Fantazia or
Chris Daugherty did.
I think this year was spoiled by the Sanjaya phenomenon.
It was hard to pay much attention to the really talented vocals while he was there.
So we have final 4 tonight and one going home tomorrow.
My guess is it will be Lakisha, her nerves got the best of her.
Jordin and Melinda were right on tonight, they aren't going anywhere and though I thought Blake sucked big time, he has a strong fan base and being the only male left he won't leave tomorrow.
He may even hang in there for the final two, but he won't win.
Melinda may be the most polished, but Jordin is 17 and has the whole package,
I'm betting she will be the next AI.
I think she has her head on straight, so even though she is young I'm not worried
about her.
Unlike Brittany Spears, Jordin has real talent that will carry her into adulthood.

Now having said that, I probably have jinxed her.

Guess we'll soon find out and then I can get my Tuesday nights back.


alan said...

Working nights I have missed out on some things; Idol is one. I do record a lot that we watch later, but that never made it onto the list...


Misty said...

I'm with you GiGi..such a disappointment this year. I noticed they will be doing a new show with bands!! That could be promising!