Friday, July 18, 2008

Smug thy name is John !

I don't like ABC Anchor John Stossel.
I never have liked his attitude on 20/20 and as a result quit watching the show.
If you know him tell him I think he is smug, and a Republican even though he claims not to be.

I watched Larry King Live last night, because he was having Robert Kennedy Jr. on to discuss
Global warming and some of the changes we could do to save the planet for our Grandchildren.
Stossel sat there with a sneer on his face and contradicted most of what
was suggested.
I wonder, if someone did some checking, would they find out that he has large investments in Fossil Fuel?
We give trillions of dollars in subsidies every year to the oil industry, another trillion to the coal industry.
But his solution is, to let the free market handle it.
That will never happen as long as Oil has control over most of our politicians

Maybe the show will be repeated this weekend, I hope so

If so, I am going to watch again just so I can throw popcorn at the screen.


Riot Kitty said...

I like popcorn - he's unworthy! I've never liked him, either. The words "pompous ass" come to mind.

fineartist said...
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fineartist said...

What bugs me is he shoots down ethanol, but doesn't really see the need to find a superior alternative for it, he believes the market will solve everything for us on it's own. But can the market produce a limitless supply of fuel? I don't think so. Can the market come up with, on it's own, a superior alternative to fossil fuel or ethanol?

yeah I think he's got vested interests to protect too.

Sorry I flubbed up my last comment.

Mary said...

I saw the show also, he is an asshole..


Green tea said...

I'm glad to hear, I am not the only one to see through this bore..
Thanks ladies.