Monday, July 14, 2008

Jessie The Spoiler?

All day today the news pundits were asking
"Will he or won't he run?"

We had a good chance of taking back Paul Wellstone's Senate seat a year ago.
Al Franken looked strong, and then things began to fall a part.
Our Democratic leaders, entranced with the Hollywood crowd did not do a very good job of checking Al's background,
Tax problems came up, that were not his fault, but all people know is that there were problems.
Then a satirical story in Playboy magazine even turned off some of his supporters.
They are back on the train for now, but Al was hurt by the publicity.
Tonight our former Governor Jessie Ventura, announced he would not run for the Senate unless God speaks to him sometime between tonight and tomorrow at 5:00 PM.
Since it was God who encouraged GW to run, he said he may get a call too, and if he does, then maybe he will change his mind.
That's our Jessie..always keep them guessing, and it may sell a few more books.

Does this mean Al Franken can win now?
Under normal circumstances it is hard to beat an incumbent.
We'll have to see what happens over the next couple months.
Naughty Normy Coleman, is such a Chameleon he has already convinced some in the Media
that he is a Centrist.
They forget that all he has been, is a rubber stamp for Bush.
Here in Minnesota they think he has real family values, even though his wife Laurie lives in Los Angles most of the time seeking a movie career.
Then there are the rumors of his many trysts and the child support he is paying to an unidentified young woman.

But right now I wouldn't bet the farm against him.


fineartist said...

I love Al Franken, he cracks me up.

Riot Kitty said...

If God speaks to Jesse Ventura...

what a great beginning sentence for a news story, no?

John said...

Yeah and that is why you vote for some one because they crack you up.

Green tea said...

We really have to meet sometime and
discuss your lack of sense of humor.
Lori's comment was "Al cracked her up"
since she doesn't live in this state she has no vote.
Normy is a sleaze ball..and I would vote for Kermit the Frog before him.

fineartist said...

See, that's just it, I think I'd find it hard to take Al seriously because I remember him on Saturday Night Live, and he was so darned funny. Like when he was advertising for his book, Rush Limbaugh's a Big Fat Idiot, I tend to agree with that statement, btw.

I am familiar with Rush, but not so familiar with Al as a politician, just a comedian, and yes, that's sad on my part, but like GG pointed out I wouldn't be voting for him anyway, I didn't feel as if it was my duty to keep up with him. If he were running nationally I'd know more about him politically.

No offense taken here, even if it was intended, and GG thanks for having my back.

See I started to say in my comment that I would have a difficult time taking him seriously, but I thought about it and I didn't want to speak about something I knew very little about, so I left that part off.

alan said...

Will Rogers pointed out many years ago that he wasn't funny, that all he did was point out the goings on in least a comic knows when he's making a joke!


Green tea said...

Alan, Will Rogers was so right, Isn't it funny Republicans could elect a B list movie star as President.
The other half of Sonny and Cher.
and see nothing wrong with that.
Unlike them, Al Franken is right on all of the issues.

Foster Communications said...

No one can do Deep Thoughts like Jack Handy!!! Just sayin'

Mary said...

Isn't funny that most of the state has no idea what a sleaze Normy really is. First I will be Democrat until I realize I wouldn't go any where in the party. Then I will become a Republican because that will help with my political advancement. Not to mention the fact that he has "famiy values" of a snake.

BTW-His tv ads are the worst ever.....

Enough on my soap box...

I am sooo happy that God didn't speak to Jesse because he is just as much an idiot as they come.