Friday, July 11, 2008

Please Let it Snow

The temps in the 90's and the Humidity almost 60, you would think we lived in
the Tropics.
I hate sticky heat and would have made a terrible Pioneer Woman.
Can you imagine wearing all those heavy clothes, living in a small log cabin on a day like this.
I remember those days when I was young, my sister and I would take turns jumping in an old wash tub filled with cold water.
When we were old enough we would live at the swimming pool or
go to the movies,
because it was always nice and cool at the theater.
We didn't get our Air Conditioning until our kids were well into their teens.
When they were little my cousin and I would load up the car and go to the nearest
I am paying for that sun exposure, my Irish/English skin is susceptible
to skin cancer and I have already dealt with that.

I am betting that on a day like this even Runningwmn has her air on.

Storm Predictions tonight..if only it was Snow!


Michael Manning said...

Loved it. And even better, they avoided using Burl Ives on this one! :D) I heard that Mel Torme co-wrote "THe Christmas Song" in a hot attic in New York so that the group of musicians would feel cooler! :)

Misty said...

No Snow! I am not ready for the snow yet :)

Mary said...

The storm we had on Thursday was so intense. The wind was gusting up to 75 miles an hour. It scared the day lights out of Kiran. Some places my townhouse neighborhood lost trees and siding.

I would rather have a blizzard. At least I know that my house isn't going away in the winter....

Green tea said...

I'm with you Mary...
MIsty..I'll be sure to ask *HIM* to keep the snow away from you.. :D

Claire said...

oooof. Sounds like you guys are having some awful heat right now...


alan said...

Here we've seen some 90's, but not nearly as much as usual; we're just grateful it's not 100's!

May you find a cool place to enjoy this afternoon!