Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Food" for thought?

Friday night Hubba and I went to a dinner party for his oldest niece, she is a Professor at Michigan State.
She has decided to take early retirement and only work part time.
We also celebrated her 10 year recovery from breast cancer.

The Doctor was quite surprised when a Mule pulling a wagon picked her up to take her to dinner at a nearby Club.
Hubba is the only sibling left in his family, he was the baby and their Dad was a few years older then him.
We love that we are included at these family gatherings.

Before we left to come home on Saturday morning we met some of them again for breakfast and talked about their mom and dad
who had both died from cancer, just 2 years a part.
They would be so proud of the accomplishments of their 7 kids and grandchildren.

When we got back into the city we had a message from a good friend and former legislator
asking us if we wanted to join him and some other friends for lunch.
We didn't waste time unloading and heading out, it was so good to sit and visit with friends
we have known for many years, 3 of them are former legislators and one dear friend was a political mentor to all of us.
In fact he was the reason for the gathering, he had recently been on a trip to Laos and we wanted to hear all about it and the new lady in his life.
We sat and discussed his travels and also all of the upcoming political campaigns federal and local.
I felt a little discouraged when I heard their feelings about the Presidential campaign.
The majority view was, this country may be too racist to actually pull that curtain shut and then vote for a
minority candidate.
I disagreed with them, I think this country is ready for young new leadership
and I hope that when the debates start people will listen and look past the skin color.
I feel that this is probably the most important election of our time.

What happens to our planet may depend on it.

I am curious to hear what others are hearing from their family and friends?


Riot Kitty said...

What my family and friends are concerned about is the Supreme Court. Lots of them are pissed about Obama's vote on the telecom spy bill - and so am I! However, I think the Jesse Helms types, fortunately, are dying off. Obama has done what other candidates have failed to do in prior elections - register lots of voters, reach out to the disenfranchised, and inspire hope.

My dad is worried he'll be another Jimmy Carter, but I disagree.

alpharat said...

I think - I hope - that the people who say they are afraid of race being an issue are the only ones who think it may be.

Generally I hear "I like Obama, but I don't know if the rest of the country is ready to vote for a black president," from everyone. So as long as people vote what they know is right, and not based on what they think everyone may say is wrong, it should be all right.

But nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the public, either.

Yellow Dog said...

Look..right now anyone is better then the shit head we have now
I don't give a "blank"
if he is purple.

Mary said...

My family, lonnnnng time Dems, don't want to vote for our candidate. (Most still live up on the Range.) I told them flatly it had nothing to do with his politics but his color. I truly believe that many people won't vote for him because of his color. It is sad thinking that it is the year 2008.... Another sad thing for me is, my daughter is brown, and I do have to deal with comments they have no clue they make. When I tell them to watch their language or Kiran and I will be able to be in their presence, they have no clue. Ignorance is alive and well, even in MN...