Monday, July 07, 2008

No Elephants needed!

We had a great time at our home town's old fashioned 4th of July celebration, which also coincided with an All School Reunion. The parade theme this year was a circus one, celebrating the Engesser Circus which was based in my home town and operated by George Engesser. Many of the descendants from the Engesser family were in the parade either on the float or dressed as clowns.

They were led by one of the former Bareback Horse riders from the circus days of the 1920's and 1930's, my moms best friend, she is 98 years young and still going strong, she led the parade riding in a golf cart. It took some talking to convince her, but she seemed to love it.
When I read the book Water For Elephants I thought about her, maybe thats why I enjoyed the book so much.

The oldest Drum and Bugle corps was also in the parade, this year they had a guest Drum Major "Techy Flash" whose other hobby happens to be Drum Corps, his 2 youngest sons were in the color guard. Flash's Grandpa was one of the original members and his dad also marched with the corps.

This was the 27th old fashioned 4th and we have been to every one of them. We spent the whole day in the park visiting with friends and relatives ending the evening at the lake having dinner with my cousin and her son.

The town was jumping all weekend with street dances and class gatherings. We saw a lot of old friends, Hubba said one more night would have done him in.

The next all school Reunion will be in 6 years the next time the 4th hits the weekend.

I'm already looking forward to it..


Riot Kitty said...

That is so cool :)

Mary said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I cannot imagine not being "home" for the 4th of July. I have had to spend just three down in the city but miss the Range if I am not up there.


Green tea said...

Your right Mary, I have no desire to be in the city for the 4th..
Left you a message on your site..

Michael Manning said...

Green Tea: This sounds FUN to me!!!!:)

Misty said...

Sounds like you had a terrific time! Very cool..and you get to do it again in six years :)

Mary said...

Check out the link..

This is my brother and niece. They also did a story on KARE11.


fineartist said...

We have the famous Buffalo Gals, a drum and bugle corp made of only gals, and those gals can flat march. The really cool thing about the gals is that they are former gals from all through the years. They used to be part of our school's extra curricular activities but when the former band teacher retired, the new band teacher didn't want to deal with the gals, too much work I guess.

They all still do parades all over they place and they ROCK. Much like your oldest drum and bugle corp.

I'd say you had a smashing good time, and I still wish I could have been there with ya, heh. xx

Green tea said...

Arteest, we would have had a blast,
Hubba would love to have gone back to the motel earlier.. :D