Monday, March 31, 2008

Winter's Last Breath

Right now we are bordering on a Blizzard out side,
It has been snowing here all day long, one of those days when you just want to wrap in a blanket , drink green tea and read.
In the last hour it turned a little wicked, just in time for heavy drive time.
I suspect there will be many cars in the ditch before this is over.
The good news for us in the hinterland, is the predicted 40's and 50 temps predicted for the rest of the week so we know this snow won't last long.

I was stuck home all day, waiting for the cable guy, or I should say cable boy,
I swear these tech's get younger and younger.
He came and rewired my TV's but since some reception is still poor, he will be back Sunday when Hubba is hear to talk to him.
Maybe he can understand the lingo.

Today is also one of my G sons 16th birthday, Hmm, wonder if he has ever been kissed?


Riot Kitty said...

Eek! Now I am wondering what my parents/grandparents are wondering about me!!!

Michael Manning said...

One thing I remember about 16--well two things. I had already been kissed for a few years (Donna Oliveri, where are you?) Plus my Mom drove with me to pick up my Driver;s License. I was so excited, I said "I can do ANYTHING!" My Mom intervened with, "Oh no you can't, you just think you can". (Gigi: We really can if we put our minds to it..shhhh!). HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GREEN TEA'S SON! YAY!!!!!:D

fineartist said...

I'll bet cha he's been kissed a time or two...heh. xxoo

Foster Communications said...

Let's hope it was winter's last breath. If it wasn't how about we strangle it and make sure??? :)

Bring on the sunshine and green grass!

for_the_lonely said...

Oh yes, I remember those harsh blizzards! No fun! I hope that you are receiving lots of sunshine now!