Saturday, March 29, 2008

He has no Heart!

In 1992 the Minnesota Legislature introduced a plan to help all Minnesotans get access to affordable health care.

This plan the Health Care Access Fund (HCAF)was payed for by a new tax on health care services.

The idea of the fund was to give preventative and primary care to those without insurance, thus reducing
preventable Emergency room visits.

Though many Administrators, Doctors and health-care workers were opposed at the beginning because they would be paying the provider tax, they soon came to accept it, because they were assured that the fund had appropriate safe guards that would allow the funds
to be used only to increase access to care for sick patients.

What it is now happening is outrageous.

Minnesota Governor,Tim Pawlenty, who is on the short list for McCain's VP, has decided this is his bank to raid to balance the State budget.
A budget in trouble because he doesn't want to raise taxes on his wealthy friends.

Pawlenty, Bush's lackey, has lowered the bar in this state for people who need health care and now he wants to lower it even further

If you live in Minnesota, call the Governor and your Representatives tell them to keep their hands off these funds.


fineartist said...

I am so sick of rip offs.

Lord help us.


Riot Kitty said...

That is so fucked up. Remember the GOP pledging to put Social Security money in a "lockbox"? Don't the extremely wealthy already have enough fucking money? OK, end of rant.