Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Garden Party!

Today some of my friends and I went down to the Garden show at Macy's.

This has been a trip we have enjoyed for many years downtown Mpls on
Dayton's 8th floor.
When Marshall Fields bought Dayton's they continued the tradition, but
since Macy's took over they have changed it and this is the last trip we will take.
Like everything else nothing is the same.
They place all of the flowers through out the store, hoping that you will wander around and maybe buy something.

We didn't!!
Let Ricky explain!!


fineartist said...

I have ALWAYS LOVED that song!

We used to sing it with mom on car trips, oh and the Everly Brothers, mom loved the Everly brothers. heh, me too.


Michael Manning said...

Green Tea: Loved it! This concert was filmed just a couple of months before Rick's death at 45. I am a HUGE Rick Nelson fan and also his twin sons band "Nelson". What a fascinating career and family. Nice post and thoughtful concert footage.

Green tea said...

I loved the Ozzie and Harriet show

Ricky was from my era just 2 years younger, loved him!!

Riot Kitty said...

The only garden party I've been to SUCKED!

I didn't know the Nelson twins were Ricky Nelson's kids...I googled them and they still have a fan club!

Green tea said...

Kitty thats because your just a kid... :D

Flash said...

The lovely Mrs. Flash and I went the first weekend. We actually bee-lined for the elevator and went up to the 8th floor not realizing it wasn;t up there any more. Somewhat dissapointing, but we made the best of it. Lots of real cool swtuff. Loved the Pitcher plants and the Mrs. took many pictures for back yard ideas.

Still, wasn't the same roaming throughout the store. When we were done it was off to our favorite downtown hot spot, Rock Bottom MMmmmmmm

Where did you have lunch?


Foster Communications said...

So many things are just not the same since Macy's took over. I do miss Daytons, even Marshall Fields.
Things like the flower show are what made the store more than a place to buy stuff, but a destination.

Green tea said...

Flash, the only place to have lunch after the Christmas show or the Garden show is The Oak Grill.

Got to have out popover fix :D

Jessica..you are so right..
I miss Dayton's..