Monday, March 17, 2008

It's in Their Hands Now!

Today was closing arguments.
I have been so impressed with the prosecutor assigned to this case.
She has done a great job with a limited amount of evidence.

The defense attorney put on a slide show which reminded me of high school.
But he does have the upper hand, because the only witness's were an addict and a cell mate of the defendant.
The phone records are not complete, and there was one mystery call on my nieces
phone to Disney Mobile and no one knows who that was.

The defense attorney has been followed around by two young female interns, whom I guess had a lot to do with putting his closing together.
They got there early to get front row seats.

The judge's instructions to the jury were orderly, he told them they could only rely on their notes and remembrance of the testimony.
They could not reflect on the fact that he was arrested in a sting, or that he had delivered heroin to my niece and her friend at other times.
The only charge they can consider is Murder in the 3rd degree.

I don't expect a conviction, the jury seemed to take copious notes.
They were very attentive, I never saw a yawn.

This after noon after a couple hours of deliberation they asked for a transcript of some testimony related to the phone records.
The judge denied them.

If they have a reasonable doubt then they should vote not guilty.
If he is released I have no doubt that this defendant will be back
before a judge soon.

They recessed at 4:30 and will be back tomorrow at 9:00

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