Thursday, March 13, 2008

Day Two!

Today's testimony started at 9:30 with a Detective from the Drug Enforcement Task Force, testifying about the drug sting that was used to arrest the dealer the day after my G Niece's death from the overdose.
The dealer fled when he realized what was going down, but was apprehended when he ran
his car into the side of a building.
Then there was follow up testimony from The Bureau of Apprehension concerning the drug analysis of the buy.
After lunch the prosecution called a witness who had been a cell mate of the defendant.
He testified that the defendant, shared information with him that led him to believe he was the seller.
Unfortunately because of his history I am not sure the jury took him too seriously.
The rest of the afternoon was filled with boring technical stuff about phone records.
I learned more about cell phones, location of cell phone towers then I care to know.

As the Prosecution rested, I felt it had not been a good day.
Trying to connect the dealer's phone to any of the calls made wasn't settled in any one's mind.

There also is a witness who is unable to be found because she doesn't want to be found, she was the girlfriend of the male friend who was with my G niece on the day of her death.
The defense did a good job of turning things around and putting doubt in peoples minds about whether she may have been the one who delivered the drugs.
We know that isn't possible, because if she had the drugs, they would have gone to her apartment not to a fast food place.
There was a 3rd syringe found with the the evidence and her boyfriend said he was suppose to bring it home to her.
At the end of the afternoon the prosecution rested and tomorrow morning the
defense presents it's case.
This dealer does not deny that he has ever sold heroin to the victim and her friend.
Some times 3 or 4 days a week.
He just denies he did it on the day my G niece overdosed.
All they need is one person with reasonable doubt.
Frankly the Defense lawyer is obnoxious and I think he may have ticked off the jury a couple times.
We'll just have to see what happens tomorrow and whether the defendant goes on the stand.
Thanks for all the good thoughts.


Riot Kitty said...

Oh man. This sucks. Thoughts & prayers with you.

These people deserve to be in hell if there is one.

for_the_lonely said...

I love you, Gigi...continues thoughts and prayers are always coming your way.