Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Windbag Diplomacy!

Since I handed off my cold to Hubba,
I was feeling so much better this
morning when I got up.
Usually I go to mass on Wednesday morning and
several of my friends meet at Panera afterwards for coffee.
But today I was meeting my cousin/friend for lunch,
tomorrow she and hubby are off to
Florida for the winter.
In some ways I am envious that she can pick up
and go because she isn't married to a workaholic.
But then I don't think I would want to leave my home for months at a time.

I digress, what started as a good morning, ended when Ellen was interrupted
by a G. W. press conference.
This mans voice just turns me into a screaming meemie, and what comes out of it blows my mind.
Worse are the softball questions the media throws at him.
Only a couple brave souls were willing to give it a chance.
David Gregory, NBC and Martha Raddatz ABC tried their best with their questions, but were shot down.
It is obvious, that the majority of them are more concerned with getting picked to answer a question, then they are to getting at the truth.
It is the reason we are in the middle of the Hornets nest in Iraq.
If they had been seeking true answers in the beginning almost 4000
of our kids would still be alive and 20,000 or more would not be looking at life long injuries.
It was bad enough that Matt Lauer over the last couple days would spend a hours on National TV discussing Larry Craig's sex life, instead of questioning what is going on in Washington.
I have lost all respect for him and other so called journalists who don't
tell the important stories,
but only want to talk about the latest scandal.

I turned off the TV and went to my lunch, the 20 minute drive calmed me with the help of some soothing music.
I had a good visit, wished her well on her trip and headed home.

I just wish that this mess in Washington could end as easily.

I firmly believe this war would end tomorrow,
if the national media really wanted it too.

They are a sorry bunch, that Washington Press corp..


alan said...

Murrow would have ended up in Guantanamo!


Green tea said...

Your right Alan, right along side of

Walter Leland Cronkite, Jr.

They don't have journalists like them anymore.

The closest we have right now is
Keith Olbermann