Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Fall is my favorite time of year, sitting out on the deck Hubba and his bud
built for me several years ago.
Brisk fresh air, no bugs..

When I was a young between age 7 and about 14, we lived in a house with a large porch
in the front.
I loved that porch and have always wanted one..but in a community with zoning laws, the best I could get was a small deck on our rambler.
It starts at the side door by the kitchen and wraps around the front of the house to the front door.
I know, most people build their decks on the back of the house but,
I love it, I designed it and I now have friends and neighbors wishing they had done the same thing.
I read there on good days, and at night I sit out there talking to friends that are no longer here.

The past year I have had to adjust to the time I spend out there.
We have new neighbors, Hispanic from Honduras, good hard working people.
A mother, daughter, her boyfriend and child and several relatives.
They work different shifts so the cars are in and out of the driveway, which is right next to ours.
So I am constantly sliding down into my chair when the cars come around the corner.
I have had to adjust the time that I sit outside at night.

I am a night person,I like being up when everyone else is sleeping.

I long for the good old days, when the neighbors were in bed at 10:00PM.


alan said...

Here it has been cool enough a few nights to run the defroster on the way home, but not with the heat turned up yet. Soon, though...very soon!

Of course, here if you sit outside you'll be eaten alive, so I'm looking forward to a good hard freeze!



Green tea said...

This has been a rare summer/fall I have yet to see a mosquito.
I think the heat this summer baked them and the the lack of rain kept new ones from hatching. :D

alan said...

Oh how I envy you!

Here we have the Asian tiger ones now, they bite all day long...

plus chiggers...

Enjoy it for me, my friend!


Green tea said...

Alan, you gotta move to Minnesota,
Fishing is great..:D

Misty said...

AHh it sounds delightful on that porch. What a relaxing place to be!