Saturday, October 27, 2007

One of those Days!

Isn't it frustrating when you go to one of your favorite restaurant's and get lousy service?
After Hubba got home from visiting a friend who is in rehab for a brain injury,
we decided to go do some errands and then have lunch.
It was about 12:15 when we stopped for lunch,we have several waitresses we know,
we have always had good service even when we didn't get a regular.
Today was not one of those days.
After sitting there for about 10 minutes, the host came over and asked if we had been served yet.
He then brought us our beverage and went to find our server,I saw him stop and talk to her and
I realized she was the one who had been standing around for 10 minutes visiting with some friends

"Myself , I said, be patient she is new."

Meanwhile a couple sat down at the booth next us, she went right over and got their beverage order and then came to us.
We gave her our orders, it had now been 20 minutes since we sat down.
I ordered a Reuben sandwich and asked her to bring my fruit to go.
Hubba had his usual salad.
We sat and talked and watched people come and go.
Our server was again visiting.
I then noticed that the people in the booth hadn't got
their beverage yet,
I thought, this will be interesting.
Suddenly she noticed them looking at her and went over and said
"Are you ready to order?"
"We will be when you bring our beverage" said Blond Lady.
She apologized and asked what they wanted again.
I heard one say Hot Tea and the other Coffee.
Ten more minutes went by and I noticed that the two ladies at the table next to us were putting on their coats and leaving, they still hadn't got their beverage.
They stopped at the cashier and I'm sure she got an earful.

It was now 30 minutes since our server took our order,
I said to Hubba " I bet it is sitting and getting cold"
She was again at a table visiting with the same friends
She noticed me watching and said
"I'll go check on that order for you"
She hadn't even noticed the other ladies had left.
Soon she came out with Hubbas on a plate and mine all bagged to go.
"My self I thought, just eat it."
I opened it up and the sandwich instead of hot, was soggy.
It was also soaked in pickle juice,
enough with the patience..I called her over and said "only the fruit was to go and I can't eat this soggy sandwich so just cancel the order."
She looked at me like I was crazy, and said OK, sorry.
That pissed me off even more, and I said "if you haven't noticed your other customers left," she looked over at the table with a stunned look.
I said " honey if you want to keep this job, your going to have to be more observant"
She just walked away.
Hubba was getting nervous, he knows me when my ire is raised.
I told him "don't worry, just finish and we'll leave."
About that time some friends of ours came in and were about to sit at the booth that had been vacated, I said "don't sit there, I'll come over and tell you why when we leave."
Hubba wasn't going to leave a tip and I said, "just tip on your order."
I don't know the girls circumstances and I figured the way things were going she wasn't going to get many tips that day, if she lasted.
When we left, they said they were sorry about our service and they comped my sandwich, which I didn't get anyway.
If the usual manager had been there he probably would have comped the whole thing
It is one of our favorite places so,
we'll go back, but from now on we will ask for certain stations.

I worked as a waitress when I was in high school it isn't an easy job, and it doesn't pay that well.

I hope she gets her act together, because there are many out there to replace her if she doesn't.

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alan said...

My younger daughter-in-law is working as one right now while she finishes her degree; not her first choice in jobs, but the one that was available. She has people that refuse other stations as well...

Service is something little understood now, I fear!