Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Old Friends are like Old Shoes!

Finally we have gotten some sunshine and I can't believe how much energy it brings
with it.
Thankfully I had cleaned the house and was ready for anything,
Because with the sunshine, came some old friends.
George and Donna were our neighbors more then 30 years ago.
They moved to several different communities over the years while George bought, ran and sold Hardware stores
Eventually they settled in Fargo ND, now he buys, remodels and sells houses.
Because of the slow housing market he is now renting his latest fixer up.
Over the years we have touched base many times and it is so strange that even if we haven't talked or seen each other in years, once you sit down and start talking, it is almost like they still live next door.
They were in the area for a funeral and decided to check out the old neighborhood.
We went to dinner and caught up on kids and G kids.
One story came up when we were looking at pictures of their grandson by their youngest son (Greg) who is a clone of his father, red hair and freckles.
Shortly before they moved Hubba was having a driveway poured, Greg was watching on his side and then spotted the kids on the other side and took off across the driveway leaving deep footprints.
When he saw what he had done he ran for home leaving everyone laughing as he scampered away.
After the driveway was repaired, Hubba went to get him, and he wouldn't come to the door hiding in his bedroom he shouted, "I dont want to tee him"
Eventually he came over with his dad, his big eyes couldn't believe there were no footprints.

It was a good visit and it is so good to see them both looking the same, with maybe a few lines, but not much else.

Old friends are like old shoes, they always fit the best.


alan said...

I wonder if Greg tells that story now he's grown...



Green tea said...

I think Grandma Donna has shared it with her grandson..

Flash said...

I remember that. Funny!