Sunday, October 28, 2007

Love Her or Hate Her ?

I just finished reading Rosie O' Donnell's book, Celebrity Detox.
Love her or hate her, you can't deny that she is a passionate
woman with strong beliefs.
I have been a fan since her days on Star Search.

When Barbara courted her to be on The View, she knew she was getting an outspoken sometimes loud personality who was not going to be managed.
She wanted her, because she knew it would bring viewers who had watched the old Rosie show.
I was one of them.
Prior to that I had not been a frequent watcher of the View, Star Jones turned me off.
When Star left and Elisabeth Hasselbeck joined the group I watched a little more often.
But even her views were so out in space I couldn't stand to listen to her
most of the time.
To call her naive is being kind I think.
When Rosie became a member of the panel, I was a constant viewer, when I wasn't home I taped the show.
It wasn't long before you could see Bill Gedde's heavy hand.
It was obvious he didn't like Rosie.
There were many times he could have broke for commercial and he chose not too.

That final show when Rosie and Elisabeth went at it, I felt Rosie's
I have been betrayed like that by someone I thought was a friend and I knew she wouldn't be back.
Instead of breaking to commercial, Bill Gedde went to a split screen.
Did he know what the result would be? You betcha he did.
You could see the pain in Rosie's eyes when Elisabeth attacked her.
These things should have been handled off the air, but Bill turned Elisabeth into a pit bull that day.

Rosie does not go into that final day in her book, but she is honest about her hurt.
She is honest about BW and BW didn't like it.
The book is moving and emotional, I cried through most if it.
Love her or hate her, you can't lay this book down without realizing she is a person who cares about humanity, sometimes to a fault.
I love her!!


Jessica Foster said...

I had thought about reading this, now I really want to! I lean to the left but sometimes I don't agree with her tactics. Nonetheless I'm often on her site, I love her creativity, how much she cares. The only time I ever watched the View was when Rosie was on it. Joy can be funny. Elizabeth and Barbara annoy me times 7.

alan said...

B. should have been retired long ago...they forced out Ted Koppel and kept HER?

Rosie is too honest for this life...