Monday, October 01, 2007

Ken Burns "The war"

Like millions of others,
I have been glued to the tube watching Ken Burns
unbelievable documentary about WW ll.
Seems even back then the Military was not completely honest with us.
The propaganda doled out in the John Wayne movies made us look like.
"The good guys in the white hats" rushing off to save a damsel in distress.
Granted it was a war we needed to fight.
But hearing that some of our service men pulled the gold teeth from Japanese soldiers
and that some of them enjoyed a little torture when they took captives, made me a ill.

Kudos's to Ken Burns for this gem, it should be required watching in every school in our Nation.
Especially now as the self proclaimed King prepares to engage with another country,
(Iran) thus expanding the War.

Who he is going to use to continue this fight is a mystery to me.

Anyone have an answer??

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